Friday, May 25, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Graphene - coming to a human heart near you

Graphene, a carbon-based material discovered in 2010, is showing up in the world of biomedicine. 

  • "Eight years later, the jury is still out on whether graphene will be part of every smartphone and gadget of the future, but scientists are finding graphene to be an extremely powerful tool in the biomedical laboratory. In a study out this week in the journal Science Advances, scientists used graphene’s electrical properties to stimulate lab grown heart cells that could be used in patients after they’ve had a heart attack."

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

It's still gross week! Why do we pass gas?

Enough said. 

Awards and Grants Available from the Midwest Chapter/MLA

Awards and Grants Available from the Midwest Chapter/MLA

Did you know only a very few people ever nominate their deserving colleagues for professional awards? Did you know that only a very few people ever apply for awards, scholarships and grants? Be a change agent. Year 2018 is the year to give the Midwest Chapter’s Awards and Scholarships Committee plenty of applications and nominations to evaluate. The committee members for this year (Abigail Goben, Matt Hoy, Anna Beth Morgan, Merle Rosenzweig and Eileen Severson) want to receive a large batch of nominations for awards and applications for grants. Change the status quo - Put the committee to work - Apply for grants and nominate colleagues for awards.

For 2018, the following Midwest Chapter awards and grants will be available:

  • Annual Meeting Grant
  • First-Time Attendee Annual Meeting Grant
  • Student Annual Meeting Grant
  • Distinguished Librarian of the Year Award
  • Jean Williams Sayre Innovation Award

For more information about each award and grant, please visit the chapter’s Awards page to learn more and submit nominations for awards and applications for grants. If you need further assistance, please contact Anna Beth Morgan at

Eileen Severson, MLIS
Supervisor, Library and Patient Education Services
Gundersen Health System
1900 South Ave. H01-011 La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone:  (608) 775-5546  Fax:  (608)775-6343