Monday, September 17, 2018

Finding Your Niche in Big Data

A few weeks ago I finished up a class from NNLM titled Big Data in Healthcare: Exploring Emerging Roles. I relished this opportunity to dig into something that I have little knowledge of and even less experience with. From readings to group discussions and analysis, we had an interesting several weeks. 

Some of our culminating essays will be published in NNLM's "Midwest Matters" blog. You can read my post, "Big Data in Healthcare: Finding Your Niche" here. 

If you're interested in research data and big data related to health care, NNLM's RD3 data initiative has a list of what classes and training opportunities are coming up

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Diversity and Inclusion in Medical Schools - a rosy picture?

I ran across this article from Scientific American not too long ago. Diversity in medical schools and residencies is something to be celebrated. What patient wouldn't want to see a physician that looks like herself or himself and speaks their own language. But is it as easy as that?

Jennifer Tsai reports that many medical students feel pressure to hide what makes them different and unique. Whether that is their sexual orientation,  what specialties they are interested in pursuing, or even something as innocuous as how they wear jewelry.

Friday, September 7, 2018

A sneak peek at 2019's WHSLA/SWHSL/Midwest Chapter MLA conference logo

Here is a sneak peak at our 2019 conference logo. Liz Suelzer and her Publicity Committee have been hard at work. Looks great! 

The rest of your conference planning groups are hard at work on our Midwest Chapter MLA/WHSLA/SWHSL conference to be held next fall in Milwaukee. We're planning an event we hope you'll want to come to. 

More info soon...