Friday, June 28, 2019

Aurora Medical Center - Oshkosh Library closing this week

Aurora Medical Center-Oshkosh will be permanently closing its medical library this week. Administration has chosen to re-purpose the space. 

David Ruby, librarian at Aurora Oshkosh, has been a member of WHSLA for over 10 years. In addition to serving as a WHSLA area rep, he was instrumental in hosting the 2015 WHSLA annual meeting in Oshkosh and cooking up a very fun Dracula-themed social outing! Thank you, David, for all your years of service to WHSLA, and your eleven years as a great co-worker with the legacy Aurora Libraries. We will all miss you very much! 

David has been working as a hypnotist in his spare time and is hoping to dedicate more time his passion. Check out his website at Fox Valley Hypnosis, LLC

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

WHSLA Travel Stipend for the Midwest Chapter/MLA, WHSLA & SWHSL 2019 Annual Meeting - July 11th Deadline

WHSLA is offering a $500 travel stipend to two WHSLA members to attend the Midwest Chapter Meeting this October. The recipients will be chosen by a drawing. If you are interested in entering the drawing, send WHSLA Professional Development Co-Coordinator Dora Davis (see below) an email with your name, institution, email, and phone number by July 11.  

The stipend should be used for expenses related to the Midwest Chapter 2019 Annual Meeting. Upon return from their travels, recipients will be required to share what they learned. Sharing can be done through a blog post on the WHSLA Blog, during a WHSLA Chat Session, or by other means.

Requirements for eligibility:
  • Active WHSLA member and current on dues. (Not current? You can easily pay your dues online via PayPal!)
  • Stipend funds applied towards expenses related to the 2019 Midwest Chapter Meeting in Milwaukee, WI
  • Willingness to share your learnings with WHSLA members within 3 months after the chosen conference.
  • Winners of the 2019 WHSLA CE Travel Stipend are not eligible.  

Again, the deadline is July 11. If you are interested, please email Dora Davis (dora dot davis at phci dot org) and include your name, email, institution, and phone number.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How I spent my summer vacation

Summer is finally upon us!  Do you have any exciting things planned (aside from reading lots of good books)?  At the beginning of June, I rode my bike 45 miles in the UPAF Ride for the Arts!  Then I had to look up articles about how to recover from said bike ride. 

We rode over the Hoan Bridge.  TWICE.

Want to share your summer adventures with us?  Email me at annie dot lipski at aurora dot org!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

What we're reading: " A well-read woman: the life, loves, and legacy of Ruth Rappaport" by Kate Stewart

WHSLA member Mini Prasad has been reading this biography of librarian Ruth Rappaport.  Mini also shared one of her favorite quotes from this book:  "To be able to simply say 'Here it is' gives every librarian and archivist a small thrill.  It's the prize we all seek in the tedious slog of our everyday work."

Not only is this book about a librarian, it was written by a librarian!

Medicine & media

Recent Gallup polls have shown that American trust in some public institutions has been declining over the years.  Here's an interesting editorial from JAMA about how media and medicine can work together to restore the public's trust.

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Hippocratic oath A most excellent and compendious method of curing wounds in the head Franciscus Arcaeus Published: 1588

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Histamine and allergies

Do you suffer from any kind of allergies?  Ever wonder how they work?  Check out this fun video posted by the National Library of Medicine to learn more!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Psychiatrist knits a brain!

Looking for something new to try this summer?  How about knitting an anatomically correct model of a human brain?  Thanks to WHSLA member Kathy Koch for sharing this article from Open Culture!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Call for Papers & Posters

The 2019 Midwest Chapter/MLA Annual Meeting planning committee is now accepting abstracts for poster and paper presentations.

Submit your poster and paper and paper abstracts so that others can discover and learn about your innovative programs and research findings. Presenting at a conference is a great way to connect with your colleagues. Your presentation may lead to opportunities to collaborate with your colleagues in the Midwest.
Papers and posters that were submitted to and/or presented at the 2019 Medical Library Association annual meeting in Chicago are welcome.
Submit your abstract online. The deadline for submission is June 30, 2019.
Registration for Midwest Chapter/MLA 2019 is open.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What I'm reading: "Ask a manager" by Alison Green

If you've ever Googled topics like management and workplace issues such as getting along with others in your office, I'm almost positive you've already read something written by Alison Green. Her "Ask a Manager" blog is incredibly popular, and for good reason, she has great advice about what to say, when to say it, and when to zip your lip. I also appreciate her easy-going and approachable writing style. Sometimes reading non-fiction is a chore for me. Not so for her book. 

From advice on dealing with lunch-stealing bosses, co-workers who like to talk about murder, coaching new employees, and so much more, here are a few way to channel Alison Green at your workplace! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Improving poster presentations

Remember that fun video about scientific posters we shared with you back in April?  The poster template is available online, and the new poster design is gaining popularity.  

What do you think?  Would you try it?


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

NLM Exhibits at Gundersen Health System Libraries

Have you had the NLM Exhibits at your library?  If you want to have some fun and have the room, give it a whirl!  We started displaying the National Library of Medicine exhibits in our organization in 2014.  We had just opened a new hospital building with a large, open lobby area with plenty of room to place the exhibits. 

Our first exhibit was “Life and Limb:  The Toll of the American Civil War” and our most recent is “Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived & Well-Drawn!”  From 2014 to now, we have had ten exhibits displayed and have three more scheduled in the years 2019, 2020, and 2022.

We have included programming with some of the exhibits, with the Harry Potter exhibit having the most programming.  A few of the events and activities included converting our library into Hogwarts, online games and prizes, and a reception with a live owl program provided by an area raptor education group.  Other programming has included artists, speakers, and additional posters and information related to the exhibits. 

As you might guess, it takes a village to have these exhibits.  In addition to library staff, we’ve cooperated with our Logistics, Facilities, and Patient Experience staff.  Logistics helps get the exhibits delivered, Facilities helps with the space, and Patient Experience helps promote.  The exhibits are a part of our Patient Experience departments’ Healing Arts series.  Often the Healing Arts coordinator will help us find people to provide programming associated with the exhibits.  It has been a great collaboration.

Overall, we’ve learned that the exhibits are a lot of fun despite the extra work.  Employees and our visitors enjoy them, and we connect to the greater community with events and activities.  Check out the exhibits here:

Eileen Severson, MLIS

Supervisor, Library and Patient Education Services
Gundersen Health System
easevers at gundersenhealth dot org

WHSLA at MLA '19 conference

Congratulations to WHSLA members Liz Suelzer and Michele Matucheski who presented at MLA '19 in Chicago!

RTI (Research Training Institute) eposter on Still Feeling the Effects: a Citation Analysis of the Highly Cited, Retracted Article on MMR Vaccines and Autism

When: Sunday, May 5, noon-1:55 pm
Who: Elizabeth Suelzer
*Elizabeth is also an RTI panel discussion participant for Impact of the Research Training Institute

Poster session on Librarian Feedback Loops Improve Medical Student Self-Directed Learning
When: Monday, May 6, 3:30-4:25 pm
Who: Jonathon Neist, Elizabeth Suelzer

Immersion Session on Strategies for Library Mergers and Centralizing Library Services

When: Tuesday, May 7, 4 – 6 pm
Who: Angela Spencer, Janet Lindsay Hobbs, Linda Schwartz, Heather Martin, Michelle Kraft, Michele Matucheski, Angela Tucker.  
Description: This session will provide success stories and lessons learned from librarians who have gone through library centralization or library integration following hospital mergers.  Panelists will address needs assessment, licensing, budgeting, technical challenges, solo perspectives, and other considerations.  For hospital librarians who are looking to centralize services, have recently merged, or will be impacted by a planned merger.

Negotiating with scholarly journal publishers: A toolkit from the University of California

Re-posting from LIBLICENSE list-serv

"UC’s publisher negotiations have since been closely followed around the globe. In the United States, UC’s actions and stance, particularly with Elsevier, have prompted a national conversation about how research institutions can restructure their publisher contracts in the service of OA publishing. While UC has not yet secured a transformative agreement with Elsevier, the university has built a strong internal coalition around taking a principled stance for a sustainable OA business model. In April 2019, UC secured its first transformative agreement, with Cambridge University Press, and continues to have productive conversations with a variety of commercial, native-OA and society publishers.

In response to the growing demand for information, UC has launched a negotiation toolkit that aims to serve as a North American framework for creating transformative change in the scholarly publishing industry. In charting its course, UC was greatly enabled by the various global efforts, particularly in Europe, to leverage publisher negotiations to effect a transition towards OA. With this toolkit, UC hopes to similarly enable more institutions in the United States and Canada to reinvest subscription funds into open access by rethinking and restructuring publisher agreements."