Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Polio...the solution to a famous painting's mysterious protagonist?

When we used to get JAMA in print I really loved looking at the artwork and reading the short blurb about the painting in question. Many times it was simply a beautiful picture, but other times the paintings had a link to medicine. The painting below is one of those.  

Christina's World  by Andrew Wyeth (housed at NYC's MOMA) is one of those paintings that stays in your mind. Why is she out in the field? Can she walk back to the house on her own? 

In a recent blog article at Discover magazine's website, Rebecca Creston looks at this painting with a critical eye and explain's more about the mystery surrounding Christina. 

MOMA - Christina's World


  1. I remember seeing this reproduced in a Highlights for Children magazine when I was little. It moved me then and it still moves me today!

  2. My parents had a print of this in the old farm house I grew up in. I always thought she had Polio or some other kind of disability. There was a definite reason she wasn't walking back to the house. I agree with Barbara -- still a moving painting, even if you don't know the story behind it. Thanks for posting!