Monday, April 11, 2016

Thinking of taking on a fieldwork student or library intern?

Our library is looking to hire a library intern to help with some cataloging and digital projects we have on the horizon. In looking for interview questions I ran across this wonderful guide from Multnomah County Library in Oregon. While it's written from a public library perspective, I really appreciated the depth and breadth of their guide: Effective Library Internships: A Toolkit for Success. 

It covers everything from interview questions, to acceptance and rejection letters, checklists, exit interviews, evaluations, top concerns of interns and much more. While fieldwork students will have paperwork from their own university that you need to fill out, this guide easily governs how to manage interns and fieldwork students alike. Having not had any formal training in management or HR in library school, I really appreciate this guide that covers the A-Zs of making sure your intern or fieldwork positions are a success. 

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