Friday, May 27, 2016

Clinical Trials Still Don't Reflect The Diversity Of America

As part of our library's goal to assist with systematic reviews, we've been reaching out to groups in our system. At a recent presentation someone asked for our help in narrowing down ideas for a systematic review. After talking a little bit it came out that she is interested in doing research on recruiting for certain type of clinical trials. 

Talking with her reminded me of an NPR story I heard late last year: Clinical Trials Still Don't Reflect The Diversity Of America. While listening to it again as I write this blog post I wonder if there is a way us health sciences librarians can help out? I know consumer health librarians many times include information on when researching topics for patients and families. But as someone who has few of those type of requests what can I do? I'd love to hear what the members of WHSLA are doing to support outreach and information on clinical trials. 

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