Friday, May 6, 2016

Heading to MLA in Toronto?

It's that time of year again. MLA is here! This year it's in Toronto. For anyone lucky enough to head there next week, you may be looking for that quintessential Canadian experience. Here are a few recommendations from your friends at WHSLA. 

  • 17 Things You Can Only Buy In Canada - this really should read "16 things". I happen to know you can now buy Ruffles All-Dressed potato chips in America. I just bought a bag at Pick N Save not too long ago. They really are delicious...and the best selling potato chip flavor in Canada. 
  • Bata Shoe Museum - where else can you see shoes from the 1600's and one from the Spice Girls? Here at the Bata Shoe Museum of course!  

Going to MLA? We'd love to hear about your conference experience. If you attended a great CE class, or just want to give us the scoop on OVID's party, we'd love to hear it. Email it to for a future blog post.

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