Monday, October 17, 2016

Cashing in on overactive bladder market - ..."and a massive new market for drug sales was born"

A couple of weeks ago I helped facilitate a critical appraisal discussion of two articles with first-year Physician Assistant students. As we talked and made our way through the readings, the topics of financial disclosure and conflict of interest came up several times. Some students were genuinely surprised to learn that authors may indeed have financial ties to drug companies or products. It led to a really interesting discussion about us as readers needing to use a little extra caution when interpreting results that come from a study funded by industry.

This point hit home again yesterday, when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in collaboration with MedPage today, published their Sunday paper cover story on the rise of drugs to treat the burgeoning overactive bladder market. This article focuses on the redefinition of incontinence to overactive bladder, the push from two physicians and drug companies to treat this "growing" condition, and the science behind the murky benefits of pharmacotherapy for this condition. 

Source: JSOnline

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