Friday, January 20, 2017

Looking for dissertation and thesis motivation? Try Pinterest.

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. What's not to love about a social site that let's you "pin" and share images from any website and organize them by boards? I know I use it for pining recipes, parenting articles, clothes, inspiring quotes, along other things, but I never thought to see it as a tool to help nurses writing a dissertation. 

Last week I had a one-on-one consult with a nurse who is beginning to write her dissertation. She mentioned to me that Pinterest gave her lots of ideas for organizing, writing, and staying motivated during the dissertation process.  

A quick search for dissertation motivation brought up dozens, upon dozens of articles, blog posts, dissertation "hacks", and other helpful resources. There was even a Ryan Gosling meme about it! So next time you know of someone need a little dissertation or thesis reassurance and help, why not recommend Pinterest?

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