Friday, January 6, 2017

Zorba Paster - "Call your hospital librarian"

Zorba Paster, you (hopefully) know him as the Madison doctor with a national radio show and a passion for all things healthy. But did you know he also loves medical librarians? True! Here's the low-down from Leslie Christensen [Manager, Medical Library; SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, Madison]. 

  • "Dr. Zorba Paster had a nice shout out to hospital librarians (and our library specifically) on his weekly radio show this last week. I thought maybe WHSLA members might be interested in listening to the segment. It is available through iTunes or the following website:  If people don’t want to listen to the whole show, they can go to the 18:28 mark--that’s where he starts talking about how awesome librarians are!"

Thanks, Leslie for sharing this with WHSLA. I've always thought Zorba Paster was a cool guy, now I know he's really cool (and well informed)!

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