Monday, July 17, 2017

MLA meeting proceedings from May of 1942 - "a charming tea"

A recent search in PubMed lead me to MLA's meeting proceedings from May of 1942. After reading that Tulane's Medical School gave students off on Mardi Gras, my second favorite bit was reading about the social outings...

  • "The afternoon was given over to tours through the French Quarter and a drive around the city, whence the members went to a charming tea given by the President, Miss Mary Louise Marshall, at her home at Metairie Ridge. The tea was in a beautiful garden where the guests were served sandwiches, cake and candy in the most enjoyable surroundings. Several members who had cameras obtained pictures of the gathering. It was a fit ending for the annual meeting, and will be remembered by those who enjoyed it." p. 390 

Alas, there were no MLA meetings in 1943, '44 and '45, the second World War saw to that. 1946 saw the annual meeting back in place, this time in New Haven, CT.  

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