Monday, November 6, 2017

WHSLA Librarian of the year - Barb Ruggeri

If you were able to attend the WHSLA conference last Thursday, you know that Barb Ruggeri is WHSLA's Librarian of the Year. Congratulations, Barb! 

Karen Hanus, who nominated Barb, had these kind things to say about her in the nomination form (submitted in July 2017). 

"Barb Ruggeri is a distinguished member of the health sciences library profession.  Barb has deep rooted experience as a medical librarian.  She has been the Clinical Services Librarian at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for over 10 years.  Prior to her current role, she was the User Education/Reference Librarian at the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries.  She also worked at Mercy Health System and Waukesha Memorial Hospital.  Barb has provided valuable service to the health care professionals at Children’s Hospital through her work with clinical care teams such as the Rare and Undiagnosed Disease Team. She’s also made significant contributions to resident education through her work at Pediatric Senior Rounds.

Barb has also been an active participant in professional associations.  Barb has served as presiding officer of the Southeastern Wisconsin Health Science Libraries Consortium and president of WHSLA.  Her introduction of the WHSLA Wisdom Chat in 2016 has revitalized communication among WHSLA members and provided an ongoing forum for learning and professional discourse without imposing the need for travel for members or large expense for the association.  Her creativity and innovation has added a valuable service that benefits WHSLA members. 

Barb will be leaving the Medical College of Wisconsin for a new health science librarianship role at Carroll University in July 2017.  But, she will undoubtedly continue to be a resource for WHSLA and a role model for health science librarians.  I am extremely grateful for the contributions Barb has made to WHSLA, especially the WHSLA Wisdom Chat.  I feel that she is deserving of the title of 2017 Wisconsin Health Science Librarian of the Year for this contribution." 

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