Monday, March 26, 2018

Chartomas, gossypibomas, and textilomas - oh my!

Our hospital Quality department asked for a search on retained sponges/gauze after pacemaker implantation. It was a really interesting search to work on, but for me the best part was finding a new bunch of "oma" words that I hadn't heard before. 

I bet you have others to add to the list. Share which "omas" you've run across in your research. 

Chartoma = "a malignant and metastasizing disease immortalised by being cut and pasted into every note by the sheer key strokes of “CTRL+C” on our computer keyboard." - from Hospital Authority Convention 2017

Gossypibomam, textiloma: "gossypiboma, also called textiloma or cottonoid, refers to a foreign object, such as a mass of cotton matrix or a sponge, that is left behind in a body cavity during an operation. It is an uncommon surgical complication." - from Radiopaedia

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