Thursday, April 5, 2018

2018 WHSLA Officers: Election Results

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2018 WHSLA Officers: Election Results

I wanted to let you know the official results of the 2018 Election.
  • Brenda Fay is our new President Elect, by unanimous vote.
  • Barbara Ruggeri is our new WHSLA Secretary, by nearly unanimous vote.

Other Changes to 2018 WHSLA Officers and Chairs:
  • Robert Koehler will co-chair WHSLA Treasurer with Karen Hanus (new).
  • Dora Davis and Liz Suelzer  will co-chair as WHSLA Professional Development Coordinator.  
  • Brenda Fay and Karen Hanus are chairing the Annual Meeting for 2019 in Milwaukee.

Other members are continuing in to serve in the positions they held in 2017.  
For a full and current listing, please see WHSLA Board & Committees


Since Brenda Fay is taking on so many new WHSLA jobs, we’d like to relieve some of the pressure and allow her to give up being WHSLA Web Master and full-time WHSLA Blogger. Please let Brenda know if you would like to become:
  1. The WHSLA Webmaster – Brenda will train you!
  2. One of our WHSLA Bloggers (We can have more than one …)

Thank you to all WHSLA Members who serve on or lead our committees.  Thank you to all who give back to our profession by sharing your knowledge and expertise in WHSLA Wisdom Chats or the Web Conference Presentation topics, or by coordinating MLA Webcasts, or many other ways.  It all serves to make a stronger whole!

--Michele Matucheski

WHSLA President

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