Friday, April 27, 2018

Average cost of journals - Library Journal's annual periodical price survey

Library Journal's annual periodical price survey was just released this week. You won't be surprised to hear that medical libraries aren't the only ones bemoaning the increasing cost of journals. Academic libraries around the country and their faculty are feeling the pinch too. 

LJ's report includes tables and charts showing average prices by discipline, country of publication, and % increases for 2018. According to them, health sciences journals have gone up 5% in 2018. That seems about right, but is nothing compared to a 59% increase for 2018 food science journals or 49% for 2018 technology journals. 

The report also goes on to talk about library budgets. It won't surprise WHSLA readers to see that most library budgets are flat, so what is a librarian to do? Cut, cut, cut. Read the rest of the report here: . 

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