Tuesday, May 8, 2018

MEDLINE Transpose - a tool to translate your query from OVID Medline to PubMed

JMLA had a recent article (p.415-416) on MEDLINE Transpose, a free tool to translate OVID Medline queries to PubMed.It is perfect? No. Is it good enough? Probably. 

Amanda Wanner and Niki Baumann write...

"Some applications of MEDLINE Transpose include:
  • more accurate and efficient way of searching both PubMed and Ovid MEDLINE for a systematic review
  • ability to capitalize on the strengths of both databases during day-to-day use, such as quickly converting a draft search string into Ovid syntax to use the adjacency operator or into PubMed syntax to use a pharmacological action concept
  • ability to use another person’s or institution’s premade search strategy in the alternate interface; for instance, a search hedge
There are limitations to the translation abilities of MEDLINE Transpose. Most prominently, not all searches have an exact translation, and in these cases, the program can suggest alternatives but cannot create database functionalities that do not currently exist. The program also relies on user input that is formatted correctly. Because MEDLINE Transpose looks for patterns, rather than reading and understanding the input content, it cannot identify spelling mistakes, retired MeSH, or incorrectly formed syntax (although some error corrections have been incorporated into the program)."

See what you think: https://medlinetranspose.github.io/

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