Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Solo librarians as Information Servers (from NLM blog)

Thanks to Michele Matucheski for this blog post idea!
A recent guest post at NLM's Musings From the Mezzanine  blog featured Louise McLaughlin, Information Specialist at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA. Her take on solo librarians as information servers is really compelling. See what you think! 

"As information flows from the data collection pipeline to research, curation, and publication, hospital librarians, especially those who practice closely with health care providers, become the human face of information servers. And like those data processing units that serve numerous users, these librarians, many of whom work alone as solo librarians, must be prepared to fill requests from all quarters.

Consider, for example, the following vignettes:
The Chief Operating Officer is launching the next phase of a project to reduce perinatal mortality and preterm births. The librarian continually provides the physicians, nurses, and social workers on the project committee with research articles on emerging causes, new treatments, and community-health approaches to improving outcomes.
A pre-op nurse talks with a colleague about a practice difference they have in monitoring a patient. She wants to know what the evidence says..."

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