Friday, August 2, 2019

Nominate a college or WI health sciences library today - WHSLA Librarian of the Year, WHSLA Library of the year

Know of a WHSLA colleague doing great work in their library? How about a Wisconsin health sciences library that provides outstanding services, leadership, and innovation? 

Don't be shy! Nominate a WHSLA member for Librarian of the Year or library for Library of the year. Why? Because it makes you and them feel good and, more importantly, it helps acknowledge the great work being done by our members and fellow health science libraries around Wisconsin. 

Deadline has been extended to September 15, 2019

WHSLA Library of the Year - *guidelines and nomination form
WHSLA Librarian of the Year - *guidelines and nomination form

(*if you cannot open Google Drive links at your work, please email brenda dot fay at aurora dot org and I will send you the PDFs)

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