Monday, October 14, 2019

NNLM Delivery is a Free Article Exchange Service for NNLM Members

  • NNLM Delivery is a free document delivery service for members of the NNLM.
  • This service enables libraries to send links to ILL articles they lend, rather than emailing large attachments.
  • NNLM Delivery can also be used to support local electronic document delivery.

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region (NNLM MAR) upgraded MARDelivery, their free document delivery, storage and retrieval service. The new platform, NNLM Delivery, will be extended to ALL NNLM Members.  Not just for the Middle Atlantic Region anymore!

From what I understand, it’s similar / equivalent to the OCLC tool used by some larger libraries to send ILL articles with a link and a password rather than file attachments.    After you upload files, NNLM Delivery saves them for only 3 weeks.   The file storage is temporary—which is what you want for ILL.

Watch this NNLM Delivery Info Session video for more information:    

The session covers the background and purpose of NNLM Delivery and how to use it along, including a demonstration.   They also explain how to sign up to use the service by connecting your personal NNLM account (used for CE classes) to your member library account.  You may already be signed up!

The presenters, Michelle Burda and Hannah Sinemus, are careful to note that NNLM Delivery does NOT replace Docline, or LinkOut, or Loansome Doc.  NNLM Delivery is NOT a method for requesting articles.

Although my normal process of sending ILL articles is to email attachments, the NNLM Delivery service could be very helpful when sending large files that might be blocked by the borrowing library’s network, or even my own.

                Terms of Service
                NNLM Copyright
                NNLM Delivery User Guide

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