Thursday, October 31, 2019

Transforming the way we meet: Planning a virtual library conference - white paper now available

Way back in 2017, WHSLA held our first online conference. It was a team effort and led to this white paper being written about the process and what we learned.  

Thank you to my fellow co-authors: Jennifer Deal, Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely, Michele Matucheski, and Carrie Papa-Schold for all their hard work, proofreading skills, and good humor as we went through the long process.  

  • Deal J, Fay B, Kinzelman-Vesely E, Matucheski M, Papa-Schold C. Transforming the way we meet: Planning a virtual library conference. Aurora Health Care Digital Repository. October 17, 2019. Available at:  Abstract: A paper describing the planning and execution of an entirely online conference for the Wisconsin Health Science Library Association (WHSLA) biennial conference in November 2017. The paper goes into details such as program development, branding, marketing, technology, finances, and evaluation. Appendices include a sample evaluation form as well as a detailed task list.

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