Friday, July 17, 2020

What the Health? Book Club

There were several recurring topics in my casual discussions with colleagues at the Midwest Chapter's annual meeting last October but two that I've been trying to learn more about are:  social determinants of health and diversity in medicine.  The panel discussion at the Midwest Chapter's annual meeting and conversations with some colleagues afterwards left me wondering how librarians could further provide opportunities for our patrons related to these issues.  I was happy to find a group leading very timely and engaging conversations along these lines.

The non-profit group Patients R Waiting works to eliminate these disparities by focusing on increasing diversity in medicine.  One of their initiatives is What the Health? a virtual book club that aims to raise awareness regarding health equity.  Last month, health care professionals, pre-med/pre-health students and community members from across the US engaged in a conversation about these topics as they discussed Michael Marmot's The Health Gap.  The group will be reading two more books this summer and there is still time for you to read the next book and attend their July meeting.  They will be discussing Just Medicine: A Cure for Racial Inequality in American Health Care by Dayna Bowen Matthew. 

The meeting event page and time details provided by the group are below. Please encourage any of your students, providers or fellow librarians to join the discussion.  

Consider attending the July meeting even if you don't get a chance to finish the book.  I plan on being there!

Dora Davis

WHSLA Professional Development Coordinator

If interested, please click "going" on our Facebook event, which you can find with the first link below.

-What the Health? Book Club- July 29th Meeting Event Page

-Link to book on: eBayAmazon

-Learn more about PRW here


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