Friday, August 14, 2020

Symptoms in Schizophrenia

Fascinating and haunting ...  The author gives some historical perspective and context for this short film.  

Symptoms in Schizophrenia

Reprinted from Circulating Now from the Historical Collections of the National Library of Medicine.  

By Mark S. Micale 

This essay was originally published in Hidden Treasure: The National Library of Medicine, 2011 and also available on Medicine on Medicine on Screen: Films and Essays from NLM.  Our knowledge of mental health has grown significantly over the past century due to advancements in psychological studies. But looking back about a hundred years, not much was known about one of today’s common disorders, schizophrenia, except that it was a newly coined term for a chronic mental disorder. One of the first of its kind, this short film introduces a deeper look into schizophrenic patients in 1930.

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