Thursday, September 3, 2020

Free Copyright Webinar 13-part Series Runs through the end of 2020


The Miami University Libraries copyright webinar series starts in September! 

In our first webinar  Hope O’Keeffe, Associate General Counsel of the Library of Congress, will be talking about copyright and legal issues associated with 3D scanning and printing [This one is already past.] 

We'll be hosting 13 other webinars in the coming months that cover a variety of copyright topics, including:

  *   Copyright and Online Education
  *   Works Made for Hire
  *   Copyright as Professional Development
  *   Uncovering Copyright Training/Needs Data
  *   The Surprising Power of “Such As” and “Include” in the Fair Use Clause
  *   Developing a Copyright Instruction Program from the Ground Up
  *   Copyright Support for Open, Multimodal Assignments
  *   Using a Multi-Modal Project to Teach Ethical and Legal Use of Information
  *   Considering DMCA 1201 in 2020 and Beyond
  *   Legacy Video Access after Section 108
  *   The Threat to Perpetual Access: Licensed Electronic Resources & Open Access
  *   Copyright Coffee Series at the World Bank Group Library
  *   A Research Forum/Virtual Poster Session

You can learn more about these webinars and register for them through our website.

Information about webinar presenters.  

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