Monday, May 17, 2021

Creating Effective Videos for Libraries: Webinar by Ned Potter


Wolters Kluwer recently sponsored a webinar on Creating Effective Videos for Libraries. Ned Potter is a lively and animated speaker and an expert on marketing library services.

Listen to Recording

You can also download webinar's slides here.

Why make library videos?  In whatever, library you work in, our users on on YouTube.  This is the preferred method of learning something new.  They do it all the time ...   

But you also have to ask: Is video always the appropriate medium?  No -- Sometimes a screenshot with explanatory text is the best option.  

Potter goes through the library video archetypes citing pros, cons, and requirements for making each.  He also provides case studies and examples, with ideas on what tools will help you do it, too -- with or without a budget.

Library Video Archetypes:

  • Pastiche (Parody / Tribute)
  • The Virtual Tour
  • Explainer Videos
  • Study with Me

Hint: It's easier than it used to be to make a video.

Some of the tools mentioned in the video:

  • PowToon
  • Adobe Spark
  • Video Scribe
  • PowerPoint (Who knew ppt could do so much?)
  • Audacity
You can post videos to YouTube, or Vimeo.  Shorter videos on TikTok or Instagram, among other channels.  The best place for your videos is embedded in context on your website or LibGuides.  

The biggest surprise for me (and Ned Potter) was the Study-with-Me video.  These are long-form videos, where you simply record the usual sites and sounds of the Library.  No script, no central character.  Turns out, some people really love having something like this in the background as white noise to help them focus and study.  It is especially appreciated when people couldn't get to their library in person during the pandemic.  

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