Monday, May 3, 2021

WHSLA Virtual Conference 2021: Spotlight on Jolene Miller's Keynote about Reflective Practice

 Keynote: Jolene Miller, MLS, AHIP

Our keynote speaker at The 2021 WHSLA Web Conference will feature Jolene Miller 

June 16, 2021 at 10:00 - 11:30 am 

Keynote: Turning the mental, physical, and electronic page: Applying reflective practice to change management with Jolene Miller. 

Description: "We all reflect on our work as librarians, but informal reflection doesn't always result in improvement. Keynote speaker Jolene Miller will introduce us to reflective practice (a more intentional and structured way to reflect on situations at work), with a focus on coping with change. 

She will talk about the varied ways to engage in reflective practice and guide us through a brief reflective writing experience and reflective conversation. 

Reflective practice is a transformative strategy for all librarians, regardless of position, type of library, or time in the profession."

Jolene M. Miller, MLS, AHIP, is Director of the Mulford Health Science Library and an Assistant Professor of Library Administration at the University of Toledo. 
She has worked in medical libraries for over 20 years, as a liaison librarian and a library administrator. The complex realities of library administration forced her to look for new ways to manage her workload and develop knowledge and skills for success. Reflective practice was a natural extension of her life-long experience keeping a personal journal. It provided the time and space needed to develop as an administrator. She is interested in how health science librarians use reflective practice and how they can learn to apply reflective practice in their positions.

Learn more about The 2021 WHSLA Virtual Conference scheduled for June 16, 2021.     

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