Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Health & Wealth: A Graphic Guide to the US Health Care System

The Center for Cartoon Studies presents

The goal of this concise and engaging 32-page [digital] comic is to provide a baseline understanding of the healthcare system so people can feel a little less intimidated by its complexity and cruelty, and more empowered to advocate for themselves and those they care for. 
We hope Health and Wealth will generate discussions around healthcare and healthcare reform.

With a Richard Scary aesthetic that will be familiar to many, Health & Wealth includes: 
  • Resources for Further Reading (page 27)
  • An Engagement Guide (page 28) with 
    • Questions for Personal Reflection
    • Group Discussion Questions
    • Activities
      • What's Your Game
      • Personal Healthcare Directory
  • Glossary (page 29)


The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS) and the Harvard Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University are supporting this project. CCS director/co-founder and 2020-21 Radcliffe Fellow James Sturm is leading a team that includes scholars, healthcare professionals, cartoonist Kazimir Lee ’16, and Harvard and CCS students.

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