Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Free geriatric and palliative care resources for clinicians: Geriatric Fast Facts, Fast Facts and Concepts (Palliative Care)

I was reminded recently of two resources that have come in handy when doing literature searches on geriatric topics. These resources, freely available online, are especially useful tools for clinicians who might not specialize in geriatrics or trainees. 

If you do searches on older adults, or even serve older adults in your health setting, I recommend bookmarking these sites and keeping them in your lit search/reference toolbox. 

Geriatric Fast Facts

  • "Geriatric Fast Facts are accessible, concise, and clinically actionable 1-2 page reports on Geriatric topics applicable across medical specialties. Fast Facts are interdisciplinary, spanning the progression of medical education." 
  • Sort by body system, ACGME area, or topic
  • Freely available; Created from a partnership of Medical College of Wisconsin, Advocate Aurora Health Care, Department of Veterans Affairs, Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, Wisconsin Geriatric Education Center
Screenshot of Geriatric Fast Facts

Fast Facts and Concepts (Palliative Care)

  • "Fast Facts provide concise, practical, peer-reviewed and evidence-based summaries on key palliative care topics important to clinicians and trainees caring for patients facing serious illness."
  • Over 400 searchable topics
  • Freely available from the Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin
Screenshot of Fast Facts and Concepts

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