Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Celebrate National Medical Librarians Month by creating book spine poetry

Thanks to WHSLA member Mini Prasad for letting us know about this fun contest she saw in the NNLM Region 6 Weekly Digest:

In honor of National Medical Librarians Month and National Health Literacy Month NNLM is hosting a book spine poetry contest. All participants will be entered into a lottery to receive a free copy of each of the books selected from the NNLM Reading Club - a total of 15 books to add to your collection and share with your users!

The Rules

  1. Grab some books (at least 3)
  2. Stack them up!
  3. Arrange the titles to create a health related poem
  4. Take a photo and share it with us!

How to Enter

Submissions will be accepted throughout October. Send your entry on Twitter by tagging @NNLMRegion6 & use #BookSpinePoetry or e-mail Individuals can submit up to three times. 10 winners will be selected following National Medical Librarians Month and Health Literacy Month.

This is not my entry. 
I found it on another blog and it made me giggle.

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