Friday, December 17, 2021

Little Annie Clabsi

Fred King & The Avenging Chicken present a dramatic reading of Little Annie Clabsi, a poem about central line infections.

Many of us know Fred King from MLA and Medlib-L.  Just thought you might enjoy this.

Honestly -- How many poems are there out there about CLABSI?

From the abstract on YouTube: 

Steps taken to eliminate central line-associated bloodstream infections in a hospital ward.

Abstract: Little Annie Clabsi and her evil cousin C Diff visit a hospital and are vanquished by proper hand hygiene.

Note: THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. It's a reading of a poem I wrote about central line infections. I'M NOT A DOCTOR. Any opinions expressed are my own and are not necessarily shared by my employer, members of my profession, family, or any of my household pets. DON'T TAKE IT AS MEDICAL ADVICE.

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