Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Free online classes from Coursera and edX

A while back I was introduced to Coursera, a platform hosting classes from universities around the world. The class I took, on nutrition and cooking, was taught by Maya Adam, a physician at Stanford's School of Medicine.  It was a great class, with just the right balance of videos and a couple of short "assignments".

If you're looking to brush up on something or even learn a brand new skill I would recommend checking out Coursera and edX, another online class platform. Just like any online class, some instructors are more engaging than others and some classes are quite easy while others take a larger time commitment over the weeks/months of the class. 

I admit I got a little carried away and signed up for more online classes than I had time for. So I just unenrolled and made a point to check in when I had more free time. I'm still waiting for that to happen. 

From data science and machine learning, to understanding memory, happiness, and business negotiation, you'll find free class from Johns Hopkins, U Michigan, Stanford, Duke, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Microsoft, and many more universities. Check it out. 

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