Monday, June 20, 2016

PubMed Health - a post by Michele Matucheski

Webinar: Finding Systematic Reviews at PubMed Health and PubMed
A recording of the Webinar is available. [About 21 min.] Join Hilda Bastian for a brief instructional Webinar on finding systematic reviews using PubMed Health and PubMed. This is a free Webinar from the NLM Training Office.

PubMed Health has been out for a few years now.  This video helped me understand PubMed Health and how it’s different from PubMed, as well as PubMed Health’s utility for Physicians and Clinicians in terms of evidence-based practice and comparative effectiveness for interventions at the point-of-care.
The whole point of PubMed Health is:
1)      to help people find systematic reviews on interventions, and
2)      to understand what they find.  

The PubMed Health Collection consists of:
  • 40,000 systematic reviews since 2003
  • Over 6,000 consumer versions
  • 1,000 EBP Clinical Guides [articles] for consumers and clinicians
  • 2,000 PubMed Health Glossary entries
To that end, PubMed Health is geared more towards  “public” (rather than professional) searchers; for example,  it works more with keywords and brand names for drugs than MESH. 

by Michele Matucheski

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