Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fluoride in Film - Protection or Poison?

Thanks to Michele Matucheski for sharing this.

By Sarah Eilers Fluoride, a pedestrian topic? You may not think of it as an agitating one, or a source of community division and debate. Your tap water likely includes fluoride, as does your toothpaste. Your dentist may rub it onto your teeth after a cleaning. But the introduction of fluoride into public water supplies 

Michele adds... "I know I’ve had to do research on this very topic for physicians speaking to city officials making the decisions to fluoridate water, or not.   The evidence is pretty clear on the side of benefit.  There’s a lot of crazy and unfounded stuff out there on the Internet about the perils of water fluoridation.  And then I thought about that guy in Dr. Strangelove going on about the communist plot to fluoridate the water …  and how he only drank pure distilled or rain water." 

Dr Strangelove – Water Fluoridation 

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