Friday, March 31, 2017

Public Health Research - a how to recording from the GMR

Hi All—

Just wanted to recommend this 1-hour program that aired last week.  It has several useful public health sources you may not have heard of – and they are evidence-based.    I watched it 1) because I’ve always been interested in Public Health initiatives (My mom worked in that field for 25 years), and 2) the sources and approach to PUBLIC health care is a little different than what you may be used to in acute care and clinic settings.   Since improving community health is one of the core missions many of our health care organizations share,  I thought many of you could benefit from this webinar, too.   

To top it all off, a day later, our local Community Health Improvement Liaison, who works with the local public health department, asked for some research on any public health initiatives to reduce the amount of sugar people consume.  They wanted best evidence on other successful programs out there.  I know I can use several of the sources presented in the program below … that go beyond searching PubMed / Medline and CINAHL.

  • FROM THE GMR - From Problem to Prevention: Evidence Based Public Health Health Professionals Outreach Specialist Derek Johnson taught “From Problem to Prevention: Evidence Based Public Health” on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. A recording of the class is now available on YouTube. MLA Continuting Education (C.E.) credit is available for viewing this recording. If you’re interested in C.E. credits, email the GMR Office at

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