Thursday, March 30, 2017

WHSLA Spotlight - Jennifer Schramm at Mayo Clinic Health System Wisconsin Libraries in Eau Claire, WI

Hello, I’m Jennifer Schram, the library supervisor at the Mayo Clinic Health System Wisconsin Libraries.  We have two locations, one in La Crosse and one in Eau Claire, and are part of the Mayo Clinic Libraries across the United States.  One thing that I think is unique to the MCHS-Eau Claire library is that we have a large audiobook collection.  This has been very popular with staff as we are fairly spread out geographically and some staff spend a good deal of time traveling between sites.  We also send out an email newsletter every other week or so highlighting new books/audio or sometimes older items that haven’t been on in a while.  This newsletter goes out to over 5000 staff, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Not only has this greatly increased our circulation but serves as a reminder that the library is here to help.  

I have a BA in Philosophy from Mount Mary University (2002) and a MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2007).  I started as a library assistant at Froedtert Hospital in 2003 before accepting a librarian position in 2006 and moving to Eau Claire, WI.  In 2016, I became the library supervisor.  My primary duties are management, overseeing the patient library, ILL, collection development, budgeting, research requests, orienting new employees, and outreach to departments.  In addition to serving on several state and local library committees, I am the WHSLA membership coordinator, so please send your membership renewals!

While my husband, Tony, and I are both from southeast WI, we found we love living up north.  It can be quite cold in the winter, but we do not miss the Milwaukee traffic!  We have two dogs named Harry and Poogle.  Poogle is a 5 year old beagle poodle mix and Harry is a 1 year Aussie.  We also have a 6.5 month old baby girl named Madeline (Maddie), and while I’m sure that all moms think this, she is truly the best baby ever.
I used to have hobbies but I cannot really remember them right now. (Does doing laundry or washing bottles count as hobbies?)  I think I used to read, scrapbook, travel and cook….and someday will do those things again.  But for now my hobbies are Maddie and the dogs. 

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