Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ascension WI Library Literature Survey report available - WHSLA Wisdom chat follow-up

As a follow-up to Michele Matucheski's WHSLA Wisdom Chat last year, she has made available the final reports from the Ascension WI 2016 Literature Search Surveys. The report going out to Ascension leaders is below. For a librarians'n perspective of the report, Michele has provided an alternative look at the data - 2016 Ascension-WI Library Literature Search Impact Annual Report for Librarians


Ascension Wisconsin Library Services Literature Search Survey
Annual Report - 2016
By Michele Matucheski, Librarian a Ascension Wisconsin

In 2015, Ministry Health Care Librarians began collecting feedback on the research (literature searches) we provided to our patrons.  This survey data was saved to a QuickBase App where we could compile and present the data visually.
After the Ascension Wisconsin merger in 2016, this QuickBase App was opened up to the newly formed Ascension Wisconsin Library Services Department, allowing 3 more Librarians to invite their respective customers to fill out evaluations on the quality and impacts of the research provided.  This feedback helps us understand how that research was used system-wide.

This report shows the impact Library Services has on Ascension Wisconsin’s  QUADRUPLE AIM :
1)     Delivering high quality care
2)     Better patient and
3)     provider experiences and
4)     lowering overall costs

The word cloud above illustrates just SOME of the research projects that your Librarians have worked on in 2016.
  • Research demonstrates that Librarian-led information services improve clinical decision making and patient care outcomes. Library Services and quality health information can:
  • Reduce hospital costs,  length of stay
  • Prevent Hospital Readmissions 
  • Improve diagnosis, patient care outcomes and clinical decision making
  • Further their institution's mission and goals through expert searches, teaching health professional literature searching skills, providing community outreach programs, supporting innovation and research, and disseminating the best medical and business practice information. 
  • Contribute to a culture of inquiry and quality improvement by teaching nurses, physicians and staff information literacy and  literature searching skills 
  • Help avoid adverse events
  • Save health professionals' time 
2016 AscWisL Literature Search Survey Annual Report for Leaders (pdf)
The report includes :
·        A word cloud listing SOME of the high profile searches we did in the past year
·        Introduction & Purpose
·        Meet Your Librarians
·        The Charts & Graphs
o   Reasons for asking a Librarian to do Research
o   Value of the Knowledge Provided
o   Change in Practice
o   Impact of Research Provided
o   Outcomes (as in Adverse Events Avoided)
o   Satisfaction
o   Time Saved
·        Total number of Searches done by AW Librarians in 2016
·        What Our Library Customers Say About Us

Thank you for using Library Services!

If you have questions or comments, please contact Your Ascension Wisconsin Librarians:

Michele Matucheski        Mary Pat Gage         Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely          Kellee Selden    

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