Tuesday, May 23, 2017

WHSLA members presenting at MLA in Seattle

One thing we at WHSLA would like to do better is highlight all the great work being done by WHSLA members. 

Later this week Michele Matucheski and Kellee Selden of Ascension Wisconsin Libraries will be presenting on library friendly contract language at the 2017 Medical Library Association conference in Seattle. If you're going to MLA why not stop by their session to have a listen? 

Congratulations Michele and Kellee and good luck at MLA!


Session Title: Session: Daring to Work on the Front Lines as a Clinical Librarian 
Date: Monday, May 29, 2017
Session Time: 1:00 PM - 2:25 PM
Room: 611
Presentation Title: Library-Friendly Contract Language for Hospital Libraries by Michele Matucheski and Kellee Selden
Presentation Time: 1:50 PM - 2:05 PM
Abstract :
Proposal Title: Library-Friendly Contract Language for Hospital Libraries

Michele L. Matucheski - Medical LIbrarian, Education / Library Services (Role: Author)
Kellee L. Selden - Manager - Learning & Knowledge Management, Education / Library Services (Role: Author)

The purpose of this project was to work with our Contracts and Acquisitions Departments to develop a document/template that includes Library-friendly text that can be used to negotiate better Library eResource contracts and pricing for Hospitals and Health Systems.

Background : Although organizational acquisitions and legal departments may have templates and legal language appropriate for the entire organization, they don't have a good or complete idea of what Libraries require in a contract, nor how we use the contracted products and services. As a result, certain things important to Libraries may be overlooked or never even considered when Libraries are not directly involved with the contracting. Vendors will include language beneficial to them, but may not necessarily provide verbiage that will benefit and protect the Library with whom they are contracting. Methods : Developed a checklist of Library-Friendly language to include in contracts covering the following areas which may otherwise be overlooked by Acquisitions, Legal, or the Vendor. We pulled language from Lib-License and several of our own well-crafted consortia agreements. 

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