Monday, August 27, 2018

Public Visitors who appreciate the Hospital Library

Public Visitors who appreciate the Hospital Library

  1. Just had the mother of a patient stop in looking for a printer.  Unfortunately, our public computers are no longer hooked up to a printer. 
On rare occasions, I will offer to print something for a visitor in need, if they can email it to me. She did … and was very happy with her 1-page form printed to paper.      She also appreciated being in the hospital library.  She said that just the smell of old books helped to lower her blood pressure.  I invited her to come back if she needed another dose.   😉
Did you know you can buy soy candles infused with Old Book Smell?

The description says: “We love the smell of old books!  But not the rotten, mildew kind – the sweet, papery sort. This soft, comforting scent makes you want to curl up in your favorite reading chair and leaf through stacks of worn, well-loved stories.”

  1. Earlier in the week, one of the retired doctors stopped in.  He had accompanied a family member who was getting some tests done.  He was looking for a quiet place to sit and read.  Every other public area had a tv blaring – he was trying to get away from that so he could concentrate on his book. 

Yay for Libraries as calm and quiet places! I don’t get so much foot traffic these days with the shift to online services, but those who do come in truly appreciate the setting.


Michele Matucheski, MLS, AHIP
Clinical Librarian - Library Services
Consultant – Clinical Professional Development

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