Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Recently found WHSLA 2012 photos: a trip down memory lane

I was cleaning out my Google Drive folder the other day and ran across photos from WHSLA's 2012 meeting in Milwaukee. That was one of the first professional meetings I worked on, so I have very fond memories of it. It was also the first time I visited the Harley-Davidson Museum, which is celebrating 115 years of company history this upcoming weekend in Milwaukee. I can't promise I'll be hitting the road on my hog, but I will enjoy looking at these pictures again. 

View 2012 program

View more 2012 photos

Robert Koehler, David Ruby, and Brian Finnegan

Holly Egebo, Sandra Karnold, Mini Prasad

Jan Curnes

WHSLA President Barb Ruggeri, and Keynote speaker, Dr. Kate Marek

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