Tuesday, March 3, 2020

WHO's Jealous Coronavirus Music Video from Vietnam

From The World Health Organization (WHO)'s You Tube Channel, this is the poppiest public health service announcement you're likely to ever hear.   This is a great way to get the word out about prevention!

If you didn't see the accompanying graphics, you might never know it was about beating the Coronavirus--in Vietnamese. 

From the You Tube summary:
Nikki Châu Ngọc Trân came across the video and liked it so much, she translated the lyrics into English and added as subtitles.
My English translation is here. Vietnamese original text is below. I took some tiny creative license with the translation to make the text flow in English, such as "fight coronavirus" instead of "push back coronavirus". VIDEO CONTEXT: Ghen means jealous. Cô Vy appears to be a word play on Covid. Cô means lady. Vy is a common Vietnamese name. The video is portraying the virus as someone who's trying to come between a couple. At the beginning of the video the couple was fighting and at the end they came together. And yes, the video does perpetuate gender roles. (This song is based on another song the same musicians made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk8_0...) Through this project, we aim to empower and strengthen trust in the community, so that we can join hands to combat COVID-19 (aka nCoV-2019). In this critical moment of fighting the virus, we hope the song will ignite our spirits and reduce stress for the frontline fighters of this war: the team of experts, physicians, health workers and millions of other workers who are in the frontline of exposure and daily struggle with this disease. Let our community take the initiative in implementing preventive habits as recommended by health experts, and let us spread goodness and kindness to win the disease together." CREDITS: Producer: Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health Music & Lyrics: Khắc Hưng Singer: Min x Erik Visual: Yang Animation Artist

Wash your hands, and pass the Pho!

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