Thursday, February 27, 2020

Collection Development Best Practices (Version 1.0, 2019)

Collection Development Best Practices (Version 1.0, 2019) was developed by members of the Medical Library Association Collection Development Caucus (previously known as The Collection Development Section) to assist health sciences librarians with collection development.  

View the document on the Collection Development Caucus web page, available in 3 versions: 

1) web page   

The document is available to anyone, even non-MLA members, so feel free to share it with colleagues.

If you've been around for a while like me, a lot has changed over the years in the world of health science library collection development.   We've absorbed the changes as they've come.  This document captures the current best practices covering:

  • Collection Development Policies
  • Collection Assessment
  • New Resource Evaluation
  • Licensing
  • Budget & Planning
  • Coops and Consortia
  • ILLs
  • Open Access
  • Current Awareness Tools
  • Publicity & Promotion
It's not just for academic HSLs, either.  The document includes sections specific to hospitals, health care associations, and special libraries.  

* This tidbit was found on the Midline Newsletter of the Midwest Chapter/Medical Library Association.  

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