Monday, April 6, 2020

DIY Face Masks for Coronavirus

DIY Fabric Face Masks

I wrote about making fabric masks in the age of Corona on my personal blog tracking 
my creative life.  This is where the separate streams of my personal and work lives collided.
The post includes links to research, patterns, and tutorials for making fabric masks, and 
my commentary after making some of the masks.

The thinking has evolved on this whole movement from just a month ago 
when I started researching this topic from "last resort for health care workers" with
armies of safe-at-home sewers making fabric masks for health care workers experiencing 
shortages in PPE because "it's better than nothing" to the CDC's recent recommendation 
that masks be worn by everyone in public places.

  • This article traces the change in public policy.
  • It also addresses the question of how to keep them clean, and how often.
    • Regular laundry will do, but "Think of a mask as like underwear. 
    • It needs to be washed after every use."
  • Very well-researched article from a public health standpoint.
  • Acknowledges that science and circumstances change as we move ahead through the Pandemic.
  • Asks some good questions that are still unanswered
  • And links to additional articles and studies.

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