Tuesday, April 7, 2020

This Week in Virology Podcast

This Week in Virology is a weekly podcast about viruses--the kind that make you sick.

Every week, they pick up a new topic in the field.  Lately, it's been Corona--of course.

This week's episode is: TWiV 598: Who was that masked man? Coronavirus update with Daniel Griffin in which "Daniel Griffin MD returns to TWiV from a hospital parking lot to provide updates on COVID-19 diagnostics, clinical picture, and therapeutics, followed by our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2."

They do offer a subset under Virology 101, if you need to start with the basics.  
Here's what they say about the 101 series: 

  • "Now and then we produce a TWiV that is focused on explaining basic aspects of virology. We call this series ‘Virology 101’. All the posts in this series are listed on this page with links back to the original post. If you start from the top, soon you will have a good basic understanding of virology. Repeated listening often fosters better comprehension.
  • For those who prefer reading, there is Virology 101 and Influenza 101 at virology blog.
  • Topics include virus structure, classification, entry into cells, making viral RNA, making viral DNA, transcription, reverse transcription, etc.
It's written by scientists, so it's well-researched with additional links to scientific papers.

TWiV: This Week in Virology

A podcast about viruses – the kind that make you sick.
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