Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Why You Ain't Getting a Covid-19 Vaccine in Time

Dr. Zubin Damania, (aka ZDoggMD and Doc Vader--and yes, he's a real doctor) explains why we'll be waiting a while for a Covid-19 vaccine ...  It's a serious discussion on why we can't expect a quick fix and why getting a vaccine right doesn't happen overnight.  

You may know him from the ZDogg rapper medical music videos or the Doc Vader videos, expressing the dark side of medicine and the American health care system.  He channels anger into humor in the hopes of making a better world. He also has a serious side where he does these educational videos about health care topics in plain language.  He also offers serious programs and discussions where physicians can get CME credits, too.  

  • Who is ZDoggMD?   Dr. Zubin Damania leads a passionate tribe of healthcare professionals towards a vision of Health 3.0, with in-depth conversations with medical thought leaders, merciless and uncensored satire, and takedowns of pseudoscientific nonsense spread by celebrities in the lay media. ZDoggMD Industries is the digital production studio behind Incident Report LIVE, the Interweb’s #1 medical news and entertainment show.

  • Zubin Damania is an American physician, comedian, Internet personality, musician, and the founder of Turntable Health, a direct primary care clinic in Downtown Las Vegas that was funded by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Before moving to Las Vegas, Damania was a practicing hospitalist at Stanford University for 10 years. Wikipedia

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