Tuesday, February 9, 2021

AJPH publishes Special Issue on Health Misinformation

The American Journal of Public Health featured a special supplement last fall focused on Health Misinformation on Social Media.    I know this is a topic of particular interest to Health Science Librarians and didn't want any of you miss miss it.   

Not only do they talk about this post-modern scourge, but they also discuss some of the opportunities to combat misinformation on these same platforms.    A reason for hope!

This special supplement issue features research and perspectives on the dangers—and opportunities—posed by a shift in how modern populations consume health information via social media. Just as the spread of misinformation by malicious and unwitting parties poses a threat to public health and the credibility of institutional knowledge, so too do these platforms offer new approaches to counteract rumors and intentional deception in real time and with targeted strategies.

Here in Wisconsin, we have "free" online access via Badgerlink through Academic Search Premier.  

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