Friday, February 19, 2021

Swiss Cheese Respiratory Virus Defense Infographic


This infographic was created by Virologist Ian Mackay to help clarify that in order to best limit personal risk and community risk from being infected by, or passing on, SARS-CoV-2, we need to think of using a range of risk reduction measures. Each have their own failings and these can be affected by circumstances so layering them up helps avoid any single measure's (layer) problems (holes).

Think about this layered approach originally outlined in 1990 by Prof James Reason.  Based on Prof James Reason's analyses (e.g. Layout inspired by a graphic from @sketchplanator (

Mackay, Ian M. (2020): The Swiss Cheese Respiratory Virus Defence. figshare. Figure.  The image appears here under CC BY 4.0.  

  • Read more about why Mackay created the Swiss Cheese infographic in this article at Forbes.    
    • It includes more on the interpretation, and a bit about the "misinformation mouse" nibbling away in the center slice.  

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