Monday, September 20, 2021

Coronavirus comics from University of Nebraska: meet Graffiti Mouse, Cat, and Professor Gray

Recently I ran across a post from McGoogan Health Science Library on a Coronavirus comics exhibit at their library. Happily I discovered access to these comics isn't limited as all are online, including a comic on C'rona from an indigenous perspective. 

More on the online exhibit from the McGoogan News blog... 

"In collaboration with virologists and artists, three comic stories about COVID-19 were developed during the pandemic and posted online during the last half of 2020. The fictional narratives address fundamental issues in biology, virology and network science in order to help readers understand the complexities of living through a viral pandemic.

The stories focus on three themes: the biology and social context of the COVID-19 virus; the relationship of wild animals, particularly bats, to the pandemic; and the impact of the pandemic on Tribal communities. The stories are posted online and are published by the University of Nebraska Press as the book “C’RONA Pandemic Comics,” which includes essays for youth about the virus and the pandemic.

“Tribal” features the story of Susan LaFlesche Picotte, MD, who also is featured in an exhibit in the Wigton Heritage Center."


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