Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Will Covid Vaccine Turn Us into 5G Antennas?

I don't know about you, but I've got a bad case of Infodemic Fatigue, better known as Covid Mis/Disinformation Fatigue.  When will this firehose of rubbish abate?  Is this how Health Science Librarians burnout?

In only 9 minutes, Dr Zubin Damania debunks the latest conspiracy theories about the new Covid vaccines.   He has a long history battling anti-vaxxers.  Just in case your family brings up 5G antennas at Thanksgiving dinners this year.  Oh yeah--Nevermind: Thanksgiving is canceled due to the pandemic.

I posted about Newsguard back in March 2020 as a resource to fight against Covid Misinformation.  They track a number of websites known for publishing misinformation on a variety of topics, not just Covid.  In the report above, Dr Northrup is cited as linking to an article falsely claiming that a Covid 19 vaccine would alter your DNA.

I am really disappointed in Dr Northrup.  I liked her consumer health books for women in the 2000s.  Sad to see her stooping to this level. She knows better.

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