Thursday, April 1, 2021

NLM Update - April 1st Edition

Chevy Chase, MD (AP) --  In an early morning press conference, NLM's recently appointed director Ervin D. Smarmsworth announced a new campaign to take on widespread misinformation.

"Listen, evidence-based science is great and all," said Smarmsworth, "but it's clearly not getting through to people.  You know what people listen to?  Anecdotes.  My aunt told me her friend's brother's wife got the vaccine, and afterwards her adult onset acne totally cleared up!  The vaccine may even be able to get rid of visceral -- er --- tummy fat WITHOUT diet and exercise."

When asked to cite a source for that claim, Smarmsworth made a rude noise, then replied, "Everyone knows that. Duh."

Another reporter asked if it was unethical to spread misinformation in any form.  Smarmsworth rolled his eyes and replied, "Ethics?  Yeah, those are about as useful as trepanning."

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Just because you read it on the internet doesn't mean it's true.  Especially on April Fool's Day.

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