Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Connecting with Our Users During Covid-19: ThedaCare Library

Thanks to Diane Giebink-Skoglind for sharing her story of connecting library servies with ThedaCare staff during COVID.

Basically as a result of Covid-19 and special demands resulting from the pandemic, the library has had a chance to reach out farther and further within the organization.  Examples include:
  • Working in Employee Health monitoring and transcribing employee call related to exposure, testing and next steps during the surge.
  • Reaching out and connecting with the Infection Prevention team has kept me busy with literature searches/articles.   Also, I now regularly contribute to new provider and nursing newsletters, update more influential staff on resource updates, (as a result, information gets spread more effectively and wider), monitor various scientific websites like Nature, New York Times, The Atlantic, Scientific American, STAT News, Advisory Board, Becker’s, etc., to supply articles of interest. Due to kind call-out from the CMO, the library is experiencing more recognition and demand. 
  •  In addition, I am presenting to on-boarding new physicians on library resources as part of that orientation team and augmenting pre-existing on-boarding of newly hired nurses.  Finally, I am providing nursing leadership with more resources and contributing to more committees and initiatives.

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