Friday, October 16, 2020

PubMed Clinical Queries Update to Include a Covid-19 Search for Best Evidence

 The PubMed Clinical Queries page will soon be updated with design and content changes. The new page design aligns with the new PubMed and includes a new category for COVID-19 searches. Links and bookmarks created for the legacy PubMed Clinical Queries page will be redirected to the new page when this change takes effect.

The PubMed Clinical Queries page will initially include COVID-19 Articles and Clinical Study Categories (see Figure 1). The new COVID-19 filter strategies are published in the PubMed User Guide and may evolve over time.

Figure 1: PubMed Clinical Queries Page.

The Systematic Review and Medical Genetics filters that were included in the legacy PubMed Clinical Queries page have moved:

  • Systematic Review is available as a default Article Type filter on the filter sidebar for PubMed search result pages (see Figure 2).
  • The Medical Genetics searches are available as filters that may be added to a query using the filter name with the search field tag [filter]: for example, sickle cell anemia AND genetic counseling[filter]. The complete list of filters and associated search strategies are published in the PubMed User Guide.

Figure 2: PubMed Article Type Filter.

For more information about using Clinical Queries and the filter strategies, please see the PubMed User Guide:

By Jessica Chan
National Center for Biotechnology Information

Originally posted to the NLM Technical Bulletin on October 14, 2020.

Chan J. PubMed Clinical Queries Update Coming Soon. NLM Tech Bull. 2020 Sep-Oct;(436):e8.

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